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Pattaya Newbie

Cover Pattaya Newbie As a novice in Pattaya
This very detailed report with more than 1200 photos, lots of info, links, hints etc. is to be seen as an “Instruction Manual” for Pattaya and Thailand. “It’s essential” - not only for novices.
Why Pattaya? Pros & cons
Location, arrival-, departure- and continuing on one’s journey...
Booking: Strategy for flight- and hotel bookings
Immigration: What happens on arrival, visa, customs etc.
From the airport to Pattaya
What to watch out for with hotels
Exchanging money/drawing cash
Girls and their backgrounds
Service the girls provide
Safety strategies: Arrival, hotel, out and about at night, general safety hints
Bars & other establishments: How things function in beer bars, gogo bars, karaoke-, blow job- und short time bars, Discos, body Massages, clubs & pubs
Thai massages
What is to be found where in Pattaya? Where are the possibilities of having pleasure?
Beach & Beach Road, Soi 6, 7, 8, 13er, Second Road, Walking street, Jomtien, Naklua
Girls – which ones and where?
Prices: in the bars and massage parlours, hotel, supermarket, passenger fares, Restaurant etc.
How much money do I need?
Getting around Pattaya
Meals: What and how the Thais eat, what can we get and where?
Cultural differences
A few things one should not do
Festivals & celebrations
General things: What one should know about
Terms and their meanings: Some crop up again and again
General hints
Things to do in Pattaya
Everything is explained in detail
As usual all topics are accompanied by numerous photos

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