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Phnom Penh 2001
Grubert explains about one of his earlier trips to the capital city of Cambodia. At the same time, he explains about things such as entry formalities, costs for visas and customs. Flight connections and prices. He also provides the name (2006 current), mobile phone number and Email address of his favoured driver. The general costs in Phnom Penh and where best to eat - and of course, not to eat (hygiene is sometimes a little bit inadequate in Cambodia). Safety tips, Grubert is careless and is "held up" during the night (but did have a bit of luck). There are descriptions of Discos/Bars and "nightclubs". Massage parlours are visited, a trip to the Mekong River with a meal and very exhausting activities on a houseboat. "Svay Pak" (also known as the K11 brothel quarter) is visited at length on a daily basis, including description. Grubert's very first VIAGRA is "used" on a long-time from Svay Pak. Short times with two and three hens for five US dollars a head. All quite amusing and well illustrated with photos. Many photos and addresses.
Phnom Penh and Sihanouk Ville (Kompong Som)
Grubert travels to Sihanouk to paint the town red after a short stop with various experiences in PNH. There are descriptions of various hotels in PNH and SV. Lots of Vietnamese girls, lots of short-times, and lots o fun in the spacious harbour town. There are descriptions of beaches, and a couple of brothel areas, a number of bars, discos, and massage parlours are also visited. Grubert takes a trip to the best of the hotels on a motorbike taxi with a couple of Viet-hens (four persons altogether with the "motorbike-taxi driver"), and is applauded by the hotel staff. Photo session with many chicks and the latex clothing Grubert had taken along with him. Return journey to PNH with the bus, and a few more days of enjoyment with the Viet girls in Svay Pak. Down at the "Happy Herbs Pizza" one is able to order a pizza as "Happy", "Extra Happy", or "Unhappy". Curious, but there was no effect at all.... General life in PNH: Food and markets etc. Numerous pictures.
Trip to Phnom Penh in 2004:
The current changes are changes for the worst when taking the Svay Pak into consideration. Together with his mate from Bangkok, Grubert turns to the bars in the city, and the local Khmer whores. Has a lot of experience with the qualities of the native hens. New addresses, new bars, new life size stories. Quite a short outline, therefore an extensive "picture diary".
Trip to Poipet (near Aranyaphratet in Thailand)
First of all, Grubert travels with a friend through the Isaan (Description of the Khon Kaenn), and subsequently to Poipet in Cambodia. Following the hopeless rubbishy entertainment in the Thai province, a programme full of contrast with huge casinos, a windowless hotel, Khmer brothels, Karaoke Bars, and the "ripping-off whores from the province". The photos also show some of the landscape and remarkable environment.
Koh Kong - Sihanouk Ville - Phnom Penh
Journey by bus from the Ekkamai bus station in Bangkok to Trat, from Trat on to Koh Kong. A few experiences in the local brothels and bars. Hotels and routes as always for you to follow. The largest brothel nearly burns down; however, Grubert still manages to shot his load. A different way of life in the country. Journey by boat to SV, be careful, one is easily robbed. Exploring the area around SV with the hire-motorbike, and making a find. Why we have to pay five bucks for an ST in Cambodia, when the Khmer people only have to pay half the amount. An ST with a Thai hen in a massage parlour, and what she needed the towel for. Travelling on to PNH by car. The "hard" life of a sex tourist is conducted and portrayed, as always, with a lot of humour and many pics.
Apart from all of this, the CD contains:
Approximately 600 photos from all walks of life (partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons). Numerous native girls at work in the "usual" way. The mixture of various nationalities, meaning, that Thais, Viets and Khmer can surely be seen as exotic.
Approx 45 minutes of background music.
Bonus: three videos of Phnom Penh, approx. 23 minutes

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