Cover Cuba Contend

  • Preparations (Booking the flight, which gifts should be taken along for the garotas, what things in general are best to take with etc.);
  • Arrival at- and entering Cuba (Customs etc.)
  • Addresses in Santiago and Baracoa (casas, hotels including addresses and price quotations)
  • How to get around the main problems of Cuban daily life (meals, shopping, police and chicas)
  • Ways of travelling in the country and around town (bus, taxi, hire-car)
  • Nightlife (where to get to know the best chicas, and how to get them to do what YOU want them to do)
  • Prices and expenses for activities
  • Test reports about bars, Discos, and Restaurants
  • "Insiders tips" etc. where to get to know, and take a girl along with you without any problem
  • Black chicas, white chicas and all those in between (Morenas, Mulattos)
  • The general difference between the women of ones home country and Cuban women
  • Does & Taboos, code of behaviour, avoidable mistakes
  • "Cultural shock Cuba" (Why is life on the Isla Granda so different to ours)
  • Female sex tourists (boooo yuk!!!)
  • Rules of safety, and in general how to avoid being ripped off (amongst other things, Chulos)
  • Beaches, and bathing in the river
  • Means of payment, and how to get hold of cash on location
  • A bathing accident and another unpleasant encounter whilst swimming, also with an unpleasant consequence....
  • Cuba and cigars (Special)
  • Practical links concerning the topic (from the recipe for Mojito, through the Cuban tourist information office right up to further background information)
Apart from all that on the CD:
Approximately 400 photos (partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons) in the usual Grubert - style: You receive unfamiliar and unusual impressions of the Cuban way of life, especially that of the Chicas - in all circumstances!
Two hours of good quality, original Cuban music in MP3 format, especially suitable for getting into the appropriate holiday spirit - the 23 full length songs (directly imported from the island) can each be clicked onto the appropriate page as background music, or subsequently called up within a separate register!
Switch your player to repeat, open a bottle of beer, put your feet up, and then:
"This is Cuba. Everything is possible!!!"

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