Sunny Phuket

Cover Sunny Phuket Double - CD
Report: With more than 1100 photos from all relevant areas. Detailed report including information, tips, tricks, prices, opinions, links, addresses, current occurrences on the island.
The outbound journey.
Developments subsequent to the (and maybe because of the) Tsunami.
Topography, strategy of the assessment of the island: Why and where to live, and why better not.
Detailed description of various beaches, not only the larger more well known ones such as Patong, Karon, Surin, Laem Singh, Hat Kamala, but also more remote and smaller beaches such as Kata, Kata Noi Beach, Hat Rawai (Including the island), Nai Harn, Nai Thon, Kahluang, Nui, Ya Nui Beach, Laem Kha, amongst others, are described in words and with the use of pictures.
Especially the nightlife in general will be dealt with, of course concentrating of that in Patong. Apart from the ever present Beer Bars (Beer bar streets such as Soi Sea Dragon, Soi Gonzo, Soi Lion, etc), various discos, pubs, clubs, etc are also introduced, all the current scenes. Tiger complex (Beer bars and disco), Safari Club & Disco, Thai Pan, etc.
Karaoke Bars, massage parlous, and other entertaining things well worth paying a visit to in Patong.
Quite a lot is offered down at the Siam Hotel (The "Juicing Station") in Phuket Town, even when only a quick bit of entertainment, but the prices are ok.
Getting around the island: The hiring of motorbikes, jeeps etc is explained, costs, conditions, snares.
A short boat trip to the Racha Islands. The day trip included fishing, barbequing, and swimming. Of course there were a few hens along with us.
Around the island on ones own accord.
Visit to the Sea Gypsies ("Chao Le") in Rawai.
Girls: This chapter also has its fair share of things (With pictures). Descriptions of the usual experiences and prognosis's when one is expecting something of the chicks, seasonal decisions, differences and comparisons to other hot spots: Phuket is not Pattaya, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Rio de Janeiro, Mombasa, or Angeles City, but one can control things a little.
"Phuket FantaSea" and other tourist facilities better avoided. Grubert knows of better possibilities to get rid of money, and does so as well.
Special for the cultural tourists: Mingmongkul Buddha.
Food: A subject not being missed out on in this report. Detailed report from "A" such as "Wiener Schnitzel" to "Z" such as sweet and sour Spiny Lobsters. Don't worry about the letters, just try things out, of course not the Schnitzel (Pork scallop).
Ladyboys: Phuket is renowned for the best looking Gathoeys in the world. Where to meet them, what their all about, and what to watch out for. Of course with enough pics of the notorious transvestites.
Where do the bar girls live and where are they doing "it" when not on duty? Here. Although, a Thai girl on the game is always on duty...
As usual, all topics have plenty of pictures to go with them; the hard core department is also present. Of course in this report as in other, the usual (partially distorted due to the legal protection of children and young persons).

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