Pattaya Party

Cover Pattaya Party Double - CD

Pattaya with about 1200 photos
Arrival and departure
Hotel tips, prices, ruses and tricks
Nighttime in Pattaya: Bar streets, gogo-, beer-, karaoke- and short time bars. Walking Street in detail
Girls: Freelancer or bar girls?
Various discos in detail
Party: Events on a "short time" basis, for one night or over a period of a few days - always together with a number of female "artists".
Special: Penthouse party in great detail. Grubert's legendary, superlative celebration in the Penthouse Hotel with 6 girls over a period of 3 days. Pool party included.
During the daytime in Pattaya. Description of the scene during the displeasing daylight hours. Visit to the Jometien.
Food: As usual the food part is not left out.
Report 2: Koh Chang in detail with about 450 Pics
Arrival and departure, hotels and cheap accommodation, prices, tips etc.
Girls: Are here!
Food: Even on the island, eating like a home.
Nightlife: Yes, there is even a scene on the island. Beer and karaoke bars, discos, there are also a few ST bars.
Out and about on the island: On the road on a motorbike and in jeep.
White Sands Beach: Description of the largest tourist location.
All reports with stacks of pictures and numerous specials concerning the various topics. As usual, friends of hard core (And this time friends of water sports as well) will get their moneys worth. (Partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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