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Report: including more than 800 photos from all walks of life. Information, tips, tricks, addresses. Detailed beach information and descriptions of unknown beaches (with map).
Grubert meets his beach companion for the afternoon at a red traffic light, and has a lot of fun whilst bathing.
Detailed description of nightlife at Patong beach: Who, where, how, what and how expensive. Beer Bar or Gogo Bar? Or preferably a freelancer? How, and where best to conduct an "application discussion".
Phuket Ladies: Various artists are introduced as pictures and on video.
Thai food: Why is the food in Thailand so good, where to eat, and what it costs.
Special: Phuket Town. Grubert out down the island capital city during the night with three friends looking for amusement, plus taxi-driver (mobile number will be supplied). What is a Karaoke Bar, or how to enjoy oneself Thai-style. A relevant street is visited. The lads end up really amusing themselves in a Karaoke Bar with 50 - 80 girls. They finally end up in a disco, but the tour demands a tribute. Furthermore, description and address of the "Siam Hotel" where it is possible to have a lot of fun even in the morning, for very little money.
Why Grubert had to drink luke-warm beer out of coffee cups, and what did a condom found on the floor have to do with it.
Specials for friends of hard core photos.
(partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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