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Cover News from Cambodia Contend:
Report: With more than 1400 photos from all walks of life. Very detailed report with information, advice, tricks, prices, links, town-maps, addresses.
Arrival and continuation of the journey via Bangkok (Survanabhumi Airport) to Phnom Penh, journey with the bus to Siem Reap, flight to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), continuing on to Vung Tau by taxi.
Return flight to Phnom Penh, the taxi journey to Sihanouk Ville.
Questions about the visa, and getting a visa for Cambodia and Vietnam.
Phnom Penh: Big Luck Hotel, girls, clubs, discos, massages, description of the night and bar scene with addresses etc. Out and about in Phnom Penh: Riverside, Kien Svay, food, Sharky's Bar, why the Svay Pak (K11) is now out, Martini Bar, Sophie Club, Cyrcee Club, Mikado Club, Walkabout Bar, Heart of Darkness, and more.
How to get to Saigon easily for five US dollars.
Siem Rap: Angkor Saphir Hotel, description of the scene during the day and at nighttime, infrastructure. Bars, girls, addresses, a short description of the temple facility (Angkor Wat etc) with quite a few photos. Old market, restaurants, brothels, and pubs. Grubert and a ladyboy. An excursion to the floating village (Tonle Sap Lake).
Vung Tau: Rex Hotel. Description of the nightlife and that what is so special about it. Where to get the girls - and how to get them into the hotel. Address of a short-time hotel.
Out and about downtown: Markets, beaches, the bar district, street-life.
Sihanouk Ville: Grubert takes his hen from Phnom Penh along with him, a grave mistake. Golden Castle Hotel and others. Out on a motorbike discovering the spread out town and surrounding area:
Lovely beaches, description of the infrastructure (food, restaurants, shopping, cash-machines etc). Bars, massage parlours, pubs, the BIBA disco, nightlife, Viet girls from the Blue Mountian (Phnom Kiu), Khmerchicks from the harbour area (Pum Tmei), mixed double from Victory Hill.
All with plenty of pictures and many specials about the various topics. As usual, hard core fans get their moneys worth (partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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