Mombasa Newbie

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Mombasa Newbie
The “Bible” for unaccompanied men in Kenya!
Detailed travel guide/travel report with text in great detail, 1100 photos, extensive info, links, maps, hints
Why Mombasa?
Location and outbound journey, visas, customs
Currency exchange/Drawing Cash
Girls, their backgrounds, Service
Safety, Strategies
Girls: photo sessions and snapshots
Extracts from Grubert’s diary: detailed intimate notes and assessments
Bars, Clubs, Discos: all nightlife spots are explained
Prices, how much does what cost and where?
How much cash do I require?
Getting around Mombasa and the surrounding area
Food, what can you get and where at what price and quality?
Bamburi Beach, north beaches, Mtwapa, Mombasa Town
Diani Beach: daytime excursion to the south beaches
Basics: general hints, things worth while knowing, what should one not do, what should I take along with me?
Everything is discussed and explained in great detail
As always each topic with a vast array of pictures

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