Koh Samui - Pattaya

Cover Koh Samui - Pattaya Contend
Report: Including approximately 1000 photos of all situations. Detailed two-part report about Koh Samui and Pattaya.
Koh Samui:
The outbound journey.
Hotels: where one should stay - and where not.
Nightlife, Beer Bars, Gogo Bars, Discos (Freelancers).
Comparison, Chaweng - Lamai.
Out and about on the island in the car.
Beaches, places of interest (Big Buddha, Grandmas' and Grandpas, Waterfalls etc.)
Why Samui is different.
Choice of hotel.
Nightlife: Soi 6, Bars, Walking Street, Discotheques.
Out and about in Pattaya: Bars und restaurants at all times of day and night.
Street scenes.
Noi has her nipples pierced!
A small party.
Koh Larn: A day trip to the island, including numerous pictures.
Grubert visits a gold shop with his girl friend. Well, how was that to end?
Review of the last visit to Pattaya.
All richly illustrated with many specials concerning the various topics. As usual, friends of hard core pics get a good deal (partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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