Cover Kenya Contend
Report: Including more than 1.200 Photos from all walks of life. Information, tips, tricks, prices. Detailed sex guide with everything that should be included.
The outbound journey and safety tips.
Out and about in Mombasa.
Town hotels and prices.
Nightlife in and outside of the town.
A detailed introduction to the Tembo Disco, Casablanca Club, and Casaurina Bar.
Various Kenyan girls and what they are like. Numerous photo sessions with the most talented of girls.
A visit to the more southerly beaches: Likoni, Shelly, Tiwi, and the Diani Beach. Advantages and disadvantages of the hotel facilities
Out and about in the car
Nyali, Bamburi Beach, sun, and sea. Beach Hotels.
Numerous tips - exchanging money and "plastic cash", shopping, mobile phone, Naive or just a butterfly?, inoculations & health, hotels etc.
Out and about in Mtwapa.
Prices and how to deal with the girls.
Means of transport in Mombasa - Taxi or Matatu.
Eating in Kenya - what, where, and what it costs.
The beau ideal of the Kenyan girls.
A threesome with Grubert's nurse and her girlfriend.
How and where the girls live.
Snares and stumbling stones. What to avoid.
All richly pictured with numerous specials about the various topics. As usual, hard-core fans (this time, "water sports" fans as well) will get their moneys worth (partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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