Cover Brazil Contend:
Brazil was a premiere for the major. Without being able to speak word of Portuguese or Spanish, and with only a dictionary, a few Viagra and armed with the unconditional will to have fun, he finally came to the following conclusion:
Brazil is super - I'm coming back!!!

  • The outbound journey
  • Equipment
  • Addresses in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza
  • Hotel prices, -addresses and - descriptions
  • Detailed description of the nightlife (the purpose of the trip)
  • Test report of the various bars, thermal baths, (Rios most marvellous body massage) Discos, "insiders tips" etc. where on is able to get to know and take a girl along with one without any problem
  • Black or white? Or black on white??
  • Current prices and the prices girls expect one to pay around the different spots
  • Safety tips
  • The general difference between Brazilian women and those at home
  • Does & Taboos, code of behaviour, avoidable mistakes
  • Eating in Brazil, restaurant tips
  • Under which circumstances is it possible to "make a normal pull"
  • Flying in Brazil
  • Why Billy Clinton and M.L. are just beginners
  • What is a "Minute brothel"
34 Photo Galleries with more than 600 pictures!!!
(partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons)

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