News Bangkok

Cover News Bangkok Contend:
Report: Including more than 550 photos from completely across the board, tips, tricks, addresses.
A sex tourist's point of view. The outbound journey (flight, taxi from the airport etc.)
Patpong: Description and small walkabout through the four Patpong blowjob bars, including their names, Prices, tips about what goes on etc. Rich with pictures.
Patpong Party I + II. Numerous pictures.
Out and about in Bangkok: The best restaurants, visit to the Bayoke Towers (BKKs highest building), Shopping down at the PRATUNAM MARKET and in the PANTIP PLAZA (computer and software), tailor in Bangkok, street life (Photos).
Sanam Luang and Lumpini Park. Why the girls from this street in the red-light district are only conditionally ok for us.
Karaoke Bars in Bangkok.
Training for a high quality birthday party in Pattaya, how to "ennoble" a cigar, and finally, celebrating again until the doctor turns up....
Specials for friends of hard core photos.
(partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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