News from Angeles

Cover News from Angeles Contend:
Report: With approximately 1200 Photos from all walks of life. Detailed reports with an assessment of the current situation in Angeles, as well as a lively description of the scene.
Outbound journey (this time via Hong Kong).
Bars & Gogos, comparison with Pattaya.
Modern times: Angeles obviously going through a change.
Developments in the Santos Street. Why bars are moving and where are they moving to.
Numerous party pictures when out and about, "Blow Jobs" (Shooter), naked chicks on the bar, and lots of good atmospheres.
Out and about in AC during the daytime.
Lots of action in the relevant bars, short times, room parties etc.
The new shopping mall.
Trip to Subic Bay. Continuous partying tires one out, a bit of beach life for recuperation. Even here, there are things going on during the night...
Brothels next to a church? No problem in AC!
Why extortionate prices are demanded in a certain Gogo bar, who pays them and who not!
Differences between certain services there and here.
Boracay: A few snapshots of the dream island.
All richly pictured with numerous specials about the various topics. As usual, hard core fans will get their moneys worth (partly distorted due to legal protection for children and young persons).

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