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As a novice in Angeles
"Instruction manual" for Angeles City and Subic Bay
Grubert on the Philippines
Detailed report with more than 1600 photos
This in depth detailed report with more than 1600 photos, stacks of info, links, maps and hints etc. is to be seen as an "instruction manual" for Angeles City, Subic Bay and the Philippines. Essential - not only for newbies!
Why Angeles City? Pro & Contra
Situation, outbound, return and continuation of journey
Booking: Strategy for flight- and hotel booking
Immigration: What happens on arrival, visa, customs etc.
From Manila Airport to Angeles City in 90 Minutes
Hotels - what to watch out for
Exchanging money / drawing cash
Girls and their backgrounds
Service of the Girls
Strategies and safety: Outbound journey, hotel, out and about at night, general hints for safety.
Bars and other establishments: How the gogo bars work, blow jobs and short time bars.
What is where in Angeles City? Where are the different types of fun to be found.
"The Fields" (Fields Avenue) with a quick "trip" down the Raymond (church brothels) and Santos Street (Blow Job Alley), Perimeter Road.
Girls - Which ones where?
Prices: In the bars and gogos, hotel, super market, travelling fares, restaurants etc.
How much money do I need?
Getting around Angeles City
Meals: The spoilt don’t have to go hungry
Cultural differences
Activities in Angeles
Party!!! Three exclamation marks, three different ways of partying: Public meeting points "secret" (SOB) parties, private parties. There won’t be an eye left dry, the rest won’t be either...
General info: Things one should be aware of
A few things one shouldn’t do
Terms and their meanings: Some will crop up time and again
General hints
What to do when you need a "holiday break from your holiday break"? Boracay, Puerto Galera or Subic?
Subic Bay in detail: Outbound journey, expenses, hotels, beaches, food, out and about during the daytime, bars and nightlife, girls
Everything is explained and discussed in detail
As always each topic illustrated with numerous photos

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