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The return / exchange for the software and data obtained from sources that are delivered on a data medium are excluded from the right of return. Please check that you have purchased the correct version and whether it is compatible with your computer before you complete the checkout process. For Downloads / Online Accounts applies: there is no right of withdrawal, they have started the download and the consumer has the download / online account expressly agreed beforehand. By charging his account of the consumer agrees to these rules explicitly.

This License Agreement and limitation of liability is a legally binding agreement ("License Agreement") between you (either an individual person or an organization) and WFT Media Limited, Jumpers Farm, Cumnor Road, Oxford, OX2 9NX regarding the above mentioned software product ("Software") , including other software, media and a written or online documentation is provided accompanying.

THE SOFTWARE YOU INSTALL OR OTHERWISE USE YOU AGREE, THAT ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE LICENSE AGREEMENT TO BE CONSIDERED. By accepting the terms and conditions, we grant you the right to use the software to the following provisions.

You may transfer the software provided you and documentation permanently, retain no copies of the Software and the recipient agrees to the provisions contained in this License Agreement Terms of Use, in particular the restrictions on use and confidentiality obligations. Insofar as this agreement provides otherwise, you may use the Software, the media or documentation not transmitted to third parties, rent, lease, copy, modify, translate, sub-let, host and transmitted or received electronically.If you have received this Software as a main license and have passed copies to your relatives or friends, this may their copy after the permanent transfer of the original software is no longer used and have their copies Permanently destroy that they can never be used again! If you have received this Software as a group license, you must explicitly indicate when permanently transfer.

You acknowledge that the Software is a confidential trade secret in source form, and therefore agree not to modify the Software or attempt to disassemble the software, decompile, reverse engineer or modify in any way.

We grant as an individual a personal, non-exclusive license to install the software and to use to their sole purpose. If you have received the Software as a main license, you may run the software simultaneously on up to 7 computers. The computer must be either you, your relatives or friends are. If you have received the Software as a group license, you are only entitled to one copy per license and computer to operate.

You as the original purchaser is guaranteed for a period of twenty-four (24) months after delivery that the software works at the time of delivery as indicated in the accompanying documentation and that the software - medium is free from defects in material and workmanship. Only insignificant deviations from the relevant documentation are not considered errors.As part of its warranty obligations, we are initially entitled to remedy the error by hiring a new version of the faulty software or otherwise, or to replace the faulty software or the faulty program carrier wholly or partly.If it is a merchant in the legal sense of the HGB with you, you have to examine the software immediately after delivery and in writing apparent defects immediately to us. Otherwise, the software is regarded as approved with the consequence that you will lose your warranty rights over the defect. The obligation to provide immediate written complaint shall apply accordingly for concealed defects as soon as they become apparent.Do not fall under the warranty errors that do not originate in the software, but is attributable to improper handling, use of unsuitable equipment or changes or other actions by you or third parties based.You are solely responsible for ensuring that the software will meet your specific requirements and needs. There is no responsibility for the selection of the software or the results that can be achieved with the software or the objects used together with it.

We are liable for damages caused by gross negligence or intent by us or by its agents. In addition, we are also liable for such damages, we have made or its agents in fulfillment of an essential contractual duty negligently caused.This limitation of liability applies to any liability, regardless of the legal cause, particularly to liability due to the violation of pre-contractual obligations or next. The only exception is the liability under the Product Liability Act and liability for warranted characteristics, as far as the assurance was intended to protect you as a customer just prior to the damage that has occurred.In case of liability because of a neither willful nor grossly negligent breach of contractual obligations, liability is limited to typically foreseeable damages.They are obliged to take reasonable precautions to protect your data and other software, especially to make backup copies in such intervals, as are common in your area in compliance with the diligence of a prudent businessman. At a minimum applies insofar as the preparation of a backup copy in machine-readable form per day. For the loss of data, which could have been avoided in compliance with this obligation, no liability is assumed.

Amendments to this agreement must be in writing and must be signed by you and a representative from our side. Insofar as parts of this discussion are or become invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this License Agreement shall not be affected. The parties undertake in this case to replace the invalid provision a valid provision which most closely approximates the economic purpose of this License Agreement as closely as possible.